the Baumhaus Teachers


Our team knows that learning is most effective when it’s fun. At the same time, we make sure that our teachers are trained to understand the developmental aspects we support in your growing child. We combine activities based on early childhood development with the flair and passion of performing arts. As seasoned creative educators, many of us have been professional dancers, singers and performers. We bring that level of genuine dedication to all of our courses.

Our devotion to the children we work with is widely recognised and we have been a four-time recipient of Kindermusik International’s Maestro award for the top international program.


Crisel Consunji


Founder and
Head of Learning & Development

As a trained professional singer and creative educator, Crisel began her artistic journey as a child musical theatre performer at age 10. She then moved on to family entertainment and educational media, having been involved in multi-awarded stage, TV, and production projects for various companies in Asia. Her work has included being part of the pioneer Giftedness Instruction for Talent Development program in St. Paul School in the Philippines.

Not forgetting her love for music, she moved to Hong Kong in 2008 to open HK Disneyland’s High School Musical Live. She stayed on to be a staple lead vocalist, most remembered as “Bebe” the reporter-turned princess in “The Golden Mickeys.”

Having been immersed in the arts, Crisel understands a child’s need to express her/himself creatively, and grow in a supportive and musically-stimulating environment. Her teaching philosophy is simple – If we allow children to feel their best and be their best, we’re empowering a new generation of creative, capable and artistic individuals!

Crisel has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the Ateneo de Manila University, because building strong communities is just as important to her as nurturing creative children. She is also currently serving as Kindermusik International’s Area Developer in Hong Kong, and loves knowing that for every song she sings, a child grows in his love for music each day!

For a child, music is life—from the rhythm that gets his feet walking, to the familiar melody of his mother tongue, to the very beat of a parent’s heart as a child lays on his father’s chest.
— Teacher Crisel

Miro Crame

Miro is a seasoned performer, having entertained audiences for more than 20 years as an actor, dancer, singer and voice talent. While his background is in the Behavioral Sciences, his passion is in the arts-- If he breaks out into a pirouette mid-class, or a vocal aria, because he is trained in ballet as well as choir singing!

When I sit down to teach I just feel like I am welcoming part of my family.
— Teacher Miro

What families are quick to notice is that Teacher Miro has the uncanny ability to mimic voices. As a professional actor, his voice is behind many cartoons and commercials dubbed in Asia, and for 10 years lent his voice to one of the beloved characters in the Hong Kong Disneyland Park. It was in the latter that he discovered his magic with families, as he interacted with children, and engaged even adults in stories of make-believe and fun.

After running his own Kindermusik program in Tung Chung for a year, Miro joined Baumhaus in late 2015. He has led a number of events for Baumhaus since, including Musical Parenting, The Grow Your Garden Project, Drama and Storytelling Workshops across Hong Kong. He truly believes in Baumhaus’ core beliefs; Build, Nurture and Grow our children. With Miro’s mirth and ability to connect with families, he brings out the developmental values of raising children in the arts.


Learning & Development Manager

Bea Garcia


Learning & Development Manager / Communications

Bea’s first love was Musical Theatre. She ventured into the professional theatre world at age 8, when she appeared as Little Cosette and Little Eponine in Repertory Philippines’ Les Miserables in 1993. She has never left the stage since.

Having graduated with a Communications degree from Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, Philippines, Bea decided to pursue her passion. She went into professional theatre after College and starred in numerous stage productions and films since. She has also taught Musical Theatre to children and teens while still based in Manila. This was her first venture into teaching, and this is what helped her discover her love for it.  

Bea is now focused on being a Senior Teacher at Baumhaus. For 2 years now, she has been teaching Kindermusik and Dramalab to children, not to mention, enjoying every minute of it! She currently also handles Baumhaus's social media and assists in special events. She is thrilled to be spending her second year with the team, and looks forward to many more special and exciting moments ahead!

The way it works here is we collaborate, share and learn from everybody. We are so blessed to do what we love and share it with children!
— Teacher Bea

With a wide repertoire of stage and screen productions, as well as her recent experience in teaching, Bea has been bringing to children in Baumhaus the passion and discipline of a performing artist, and the love and compassion of a teacher. Her experience in both the stage and classroom has helped her develop a special way of giving a unique classroom experience to her students!

Violet Chan

Violet’s introduction to the performing arts was in Hong Kong Disneyland. At the age of 19, she worked full time as an Operations Host and Guest Relations Cast Member. For five years she helped make a magical experience for each and every guest in the park, honing her communication skills in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She’s dealt with numerous guest conflicts as well. Her calm and efficient manner under pressure did not go unnoticed. She quickly rose to be an Operations Trainer where she helped set up Guides and Flows manuals. 

Meanwhile, she met numerous performers and artists at Disney’s back-of-house. She has always been musically inclined and her love for singing took off. There she also met Miro and they have been singing and strumming to ukulele tunes during their breaks from work ever since!


Creative Arts Educator

Violet has always enjoyed teaching. Working at a young age, Violet started by tutoring her younger schoolmates, helping them with their homework and preparing for exams. She immensely enjoyed being a Trainer in Disney. She loved being able to train them with the right tools to perform their duties. The best thing about teaching to her is that you can inspire others and at the same time draw inspiration from as well. 

After visiting Baumhaus upon Teacher Miro’s invitation, she’s been inspired by the warm, welcome environment, the fun musical classes and the harmony of the whole space. She applied to join our team early this Summer and we’ve fallen in love with her since. We know you and your child will too… She can’t wait to share her voice and ukulele jams with all of you!

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many musically talented peers and I am so proud of what they have achieved here. I can’t help feeling excited, now that I’m part of the team! Baumhaus just feels like home and it gets better and better as the days go by… I can’t wait to see you all!

Cha Lagrisola


Creative Arts Educator

Teacher Cha is a mother of two and has been teaching Early Childhood Music in Hong Kong for 7 years.

Growing up in a family of musicians and performers, Cha has been exposed to singing, dancing and playing instruments from a very young age.

Making music with family and friends both at home and in school was an everyday and natural activity for her as she joined jazz bands, pop bands, and church and show choirs since she was in high school.

After graduating with honors when she earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the University of the Philippines, she courageously decided to pursue her dream of being a professional musician. She went back to study in the same university but this time to secure her degree in music. This lead her to her first musical profession: being the Soprano of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Acapella Quartet. From then on, Cha’s career of being a music educator has been inevitable.

Music education is mandatory. Music awakens a person’s awareness of himself and his surroundings, and deepens his bond with his community.

Rae Latumbo

Teacher Rae’s first foray into teaching is through children’s cooking classes-- bringing together families through food. Starting as an Assistant Teacher in a Cooking Department with children ages 18 months up to 6 years old, she realized she had a passion for connecting with children.

When she was introduced to Kindermusik, she knew immediately that she found her dream job.

Growing up in a family of musicians, Rae was exposed to different genres at an early age. Although she is often heard singing jazz songs, alternative rock is her go-to genre. Music has always been her gateway to express how she feels and it helped her overcome certain situations growing up. In fact, it became important to her to learn the guitar and ukulele to help her put thoughts into song.

She believes that through music, children can find their identity and develop the different skills they will need in the future.

As soon as Rae started at Baumhaus, she felt very overjoyed with such a welcoming environment and wishes to give the same feeling for every new (and old) family that comes in. Having now completed several trainings in Family Education and early childhood methodologies-- including the Parent Effectiveness Training method-- Rae feels even more ready to give valuable support and joy to the families at Baumhaus.


Creative Arts Educator

We use music as our language at Baumhaus but music can be many other things. Music was and always will be something that healed/heals me; and I hope that each child will eventually find out what music really means to them.