Come to Baumhaus and enjoy a Private Playdate with you and your friends!

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Private Playdates for you, your child and their friends!

Baumhaus will be offering a Private Playdate promotion for you and your friends!

Gather a group of children and enjoy a Private Class at our Harbour City Location!

Who can avail of this: Any group of children, minimum of 5 children, maximum of 8. 

Private Playdate Cost: HK$1,000 inclusive of

                       i.     Whole day playroom access on the day of Private Playgroup

                       ii.     1 Kindermusik class based on available schedule/slot

Available Days:

Monday - 3:00pm and 4:00pm

Friday - 10:30am

Thursday - 4:00pm

*Please note that only 1 person from the group needs to register for the Private Playdate.