Tell a friend-- 

Earn a term!

New Baumhaus Referral Program


Baumhaus is nothing without the people that support us and we are excited to introduce a new way to reward our clients for recommending our creative arts classes to their friends and family.



the Baumhaus Referral Program


How it works:

For our current clients--


1. Grab a friend

Refer a friend to sign up for the current term at Baumhaus.

2. Take the credit

Make sure your friend names you on their Term Registration form as the Referring Client. 

3. Get 10% off

Receive 10% off your next term for every friend that lists you as the Referring Client! Best of all, it's combinable! 10 successful referrals for the current term = One Free Term at Baumhaus.


For our new clients--


1. Register online

Sign up for this term at Baumhaus on our website

2. Tell us who referred you

Name the Baumhaus client that referred you on your term registration.

3. Get 5% off

Receive 5% off your first term at Baumhaus!

Want a bigger reward? Grab a friend and refer them, too! Earn 10% off!


And that's it, it's simple! 

The more you share the love, the more love we can give back to you. The Baumhaus Referral Program begins for Fall Term 2017 and registration is open now! Tell your friend today!


Terms & Conditions:

  • The Referral Policy is applicable to term-time enrolments only. It does not apply to camp periods.

  • The Referral Policy is valid from the enrolment period for Fall Term 2017 at Baumhaus, onwards.

  • The Referring Client must be an existing or previous client of Baumhaus.

  • The Referred Client must be a new client of Baumhaus classes (cannot be a previous or existing class client).

  • The Referral Policy benefits both the referring, and the referred clients.

  • The Referring Client will receive 10% off the following term for every new client who successfully submits a term-time registration quoting the client who referred them, and making the term payment in full.

  • In order for the referral to be successfully submitted, the new client must state the full name & email address of the person who referred them at the time of registration in the relevant fields on the registration form.

  • Only one person may be quoted as the Referring Client per each new client.

  • Once the Registration form has been successfully submitted, the new client will receive 5% off the term for which they have just enrolled.

  • Once payment by the new client has been made, the Referring Client will receive a 10% Referral Discount Code that can be applied to the following term.

  • The code cannot be used on the Referring Client’s current term.

  • Referral Discount codes can be combined and used with other offers, including but not limited to, Early Bird discounts and sibling discounts. Up to 10 discount codes can be applied to a single term. A combination of 10 discount codes would result in a free term. Any additional referral discount codes can be accumulated and used for future terms.

  • The Referral Discount Codes apply to term-time enrolments only. They do not apply to camp periods.

  • The Referral Discount Code value holds no monetary value, and unused discount codes cannot be redeemed by any other means.

  • The discount codes are non-transferrable.

  • This offer is non-retrospective and cannot be redeemed against previous terms or payments.

  • Offer subject to change without notice.

  • Baumhaus management reserves the right to settle all disputes.

  • All term-time classes are subject to terms and conditions of Baumhaus, Kindermusik by Baumhaus, and Kindermusik with Crisel.