Performing Arts Programs by Baumhaus

The goal of our Performing Arts Program is to inspire a joy and love for creative expression among people, particularly young children. Through a supportive and engaging environment, guided by teachers with professional experience in performing arts, the program aims to provide opportunities to explore different rudiments of the stage—from singing, dancing to speech and drama.


We put our focus on building skills and confidence, instead of simply “preparing for a show.” With four groups addressing differences in age, interest and readiness, our program also aims to instill skills of real-life relevance, such as clarity in speech communication, critical thinking, empathy and social awareness.





Bridging Program (Ages 3.5 to 4.5)

Our Performing Arts Bridging Program aims to transition children from play-based creative learning, to a more structured and formal exercise in the performing arts. This program dives into singing, dancing, and dramatic play, while engaging children in storytelling and improvisational activities, encouraging readiness to take the next steps into the stage.

Performing Arts Levels 1, 2 and 3

Our Level A & B Programs introduce the basic tools in speech and vocal projection, movement and building a character for stage performances. Through a combination of play and age-appropriate vocal, speech and movement drills, we equip children to be prepared to confidently express themselves onstage.

Level 1 (Ages 4 to 5.5)

Level 2 (Ages 5.5 to 7)

Level 3 (Ages 6 to 8) by Invitation