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Welcome to Baumhaus

Maybe you're new to Hong Kong and want a place that both you and your baby can enjoy yourselves.

Maybe you've been here your whole life and are looking for the best ways to support your child's development.

Maybe you've heard about us already, but haven't visited with your 2-year-old, yet. 

Maybe you just want your toddler to be happy. 

This is why Baumhaus exists. 


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Parties @ Baumhaus Hong Kong | Little Steps

Apart from housing one of Hong Kong's most impressive creative learning programs, Baumhaus is also the perfect one-stop solution for your child's party!

Baumhaus has a beautiful, light and bright space of 2,700 square feet, combining a play area for kiddos and a coffee lounge for families. You'll find a high-quality all-wooden Treehouse from Germany, as well as a selection of kid-friendly and educational toys. They host fun and engaging events, and is open for private parties and corporate events.

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