Kindermusik is Therapeutic and Good for the Soul. 

Do you know that our accompanied classes aren’t just for your infants and toddlers? They are designed for the adults’ benefit too. We often delight in our children’s joy during class. Or we sometimes glance down at our phones and remember that stressful work email we received awhile ago. We even start talking to the person next to us during circle time about our challenges and difficulties as a parent or caregiver. 

We forget that we need to connect with the music and our children during class too. When we set aside our burdens for 45 minutes, we also reap the benefits of Music and Movement. Music reduces stress, absorbs our attention and distracts us from negative emotions*.

I know this for a fact. 

My brother died two years ago from a congenital heart disease. I’ve grown up quite close to my brother. He’s older than me and my younger sister, so he’d make up bedtime stories for us, play the guitar and make us sing songs for the family. I was devastated when my sister called to tell me about his passing. I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye.

I flew to Manila the next morning. It was my brother’s birthday too. I remember his daughter bringing out the birthday cake and we were all singing Happy Birthday at the funeral home. Through the sorrow, we all shared a song and a piece of cake and I’m sure my brother would have been smiling then too.

Music brings people together and music heals. In fact, the field of Music and Creative Arts Therapy is predicated on the assumption that people can heal through the use of music and the various forms of creative expression. But I don’t need Wikipedia to tell me this. 

I experience it everyday. I flew back to Hong Kong the day after the funeral and my first thought was “I don’t want to be by myself.” I did not want to be alone with my sorrow. Having the structure of the class, the warm smiles of the children and the familiar melodies helped me through my grief. Each time I heard a child or a caregiver in my class sing the Sol-Mi interval, I was able to smile and say “I can get through this.” I have been teaching Kindermusik for almost 5 years and these are the simple joys I get out of it. 

And I know you grown-ups can benefit too. You just have to set aside your worries, care, stress and cellphones for 45 minutes; I promise it’ll be good for your child and your soul too. 


*Essay about The Power of Music to Reduce Stress by Jane Collingwood

Miro Crame