Summer at Baumhaus!

           Summer is on it’s way and we are so pleased to welcome you all to Baumhaus once again! Our Treehouses are abuzz with activities to keep you and your child entertained while learning too. You can count on our regular classes that you know and love, but this Summer, we’ve got something for everyone, ALL members of your family!

We are excited to share with you these 4 special Summer Events customized for ALL the members of your family!

BH SUMMER EVENT 2018 FB IG EVENT_Artboard 1 (2).png

Dress, act, dine and shine – this day is perfect for 4-6 year olds to explore their imagination and creativity!

BH SUMMER EVENT 2018 FB IG EVENT_Artboard 4 (1).png

Baumhaus invites all Mommies and Daddies to come to “Daily Dose”, a Mobility and Joint Longevity Workshop, facilitated by Rehabilitation and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist, Kevin Choy, from Joint Dynamics. Discover the value of movement in your everyday lives, and how it reduces stress, pain and increases body awareness and clarity of mind. This workshop is a combination of a talk and some actual exercises, that you can surely do at home and practice everyday!

BH SUMMER EVENT 2018 FB IG EVENT_Artboard 3 (1).png

Join Baumhaus and Sky Dance Avenue for this End-of-Summer Jam! Learn a new dance routine that parents and kids alike can move to!

BH SUMMER EVENT 2018 FB IG EVENT_Artboard 2 (1).png

Equip your beloved aunties with more life-skills! This 3 hour Workshop will concentrate on respectful communication and basic conflict resolution skills. We’ll have fun along the way too, with games and activities.

Sign up for the 8-class package this Summer, and get one event for FREE! Each event is priced at HKD 200. We can't wait to see you and your family!


Bea Garcia