Baumhaus Updates from 2018

Dear Families and Friends,

We look back on the year 2018 with gratitude.

In 12 months (or roughly 525,600 minutes), we have journeyed together in our desire to deepen what we practice, and be the best we can be for the children and families in our care.

In 12 months, the Baumhaus team has grown in number and achievements. Whilst enlisting new staff from psychology, music and childcare backgrounds, our team members have received new tools from the Parent Effectiveness Training method, RIE Foundations, Waldorf approach, and have even studied in the actual centres of Reggio Emilia in Italy.

And why do we do this? Because we believe that children deserve the best, most developmentally-appropriate and most respectful connections, and that education is an ongoing process that the whole family engages in.

To this light, we have launched the Baumhaus Workshop Series, which aims to empower families by exposing them to different tools, giving them the flexibility to decide which ones resonate the most with their personal choices. At the end of the day, a world in harmony begins with a respect for our diversity.

Building a community is something we are passionate about. You may be happy to know that our Coffee Chat mornings will be rolled out in 2019, and we would like to invite small businesses, professionals, and community organizations alike to partner with us, in our efforts to bring an impact to topics that are relevant to families and the society at large.

Expect a lot of activities for your caregivers, too. After the success of our “All About Auntie” initiatives, we have gathered the many hobbies and professional development requests from our dearest aunties. Miro and I will be spearheading these initiatives, so it will for sure be fun, on top of being relevant.

Last but not least, after the success of our Harbour City In-playroom activities, we are excited to announce that these initiatives will be run regularly in the Winter term 2019! From language afternoons, to sensory play, to mini-concerts, these activities will be free for our students, and open to others who are using the playroom. We hope you welcome this as a wonderful way to add value to your experience at Baumhaus, as well as to your family’s overall positive bonding, learning and development.

Here’s a sneak peak of these activities—do feel free to share!

BH HC activities 2019 final.jpg

As many of you would already know, we are a young organization that is continually open to your ideas and feedback. Our communication lines are always open, and you may address specific questions and comments to any of us, by emailing

Our holiday video will be out within the coming week, so stay tuned.

With gratitude for your support and warmest wishes for the season,

Crisel, Carsten and the Team at Baumhaus.

Crisel Consunji