Welcome to Baumhaus

Maybe you're new to Hong Kong and want a place that both you and your baby can enjoy yourselves.

Maybe you've been here your whole life and are looking for the best ways to support your child's development.

Maybe you've heard about us already, but haven't visited with your 2-year-old, yet. 

Maybe you just want your toddler to be happy. 


This is why Baumhaus exists. 

Who are we?

Baumhaus is a family centre that was created to bring families together and equip children with the emotional and creative intelligence they need to live a happy and vibrant life in an international community. 

What does that mean for you?

That means that every aspect of Baumhaus, the playroom, the treehouse, the classes, the coffee lounge and the team is here to support, engage and empower you and your child. 

Specifically playing host to families with children 0–6 years, Baumhaus addresses a big gap in the market—a space where there is well-thought of and quality facilities and services, which in turn fosters a sense of well-being and community for families.

Baumhaus brand pillars are to build, nurture, and grow tomorrow, and this is evident in the philosophy of the centre. What sets Baumhaus apart is its commitment to quality, its creativity-focused philosophy, and its approach of involving family and community.

How do we support you?

Build: The Playroom and Treehouse

Especially when your child is new to Baumhaus, we highly recommend bringing them to the playroom. We designed our treehouse to help Baumhaus children socialise and grow their imagination. They will make new friends and discover new challenges in an environment built to bring children together, grow confidence and nurture creativity.


Nurture: In the Classroom

Week by week, your child is reaching new milestones and the Baumhaus teachers are just as excited to share these moments with you. As seasoned creative educators, many of them have been professional dancers, singers and performers. We bring that level of genuine dedication to all of our courses. We combine activities based on early childhood development with the flair and passion of performing arts. 

We believe that you are your child’s best teacher and we strive to provide a comfortable learning environment that is pressure free and promotes cooperation.In our classes, your teacher will guide you and your child through new journeys and adventures. And when you have questions or comments, each teacher is ready and eager to chat.  We understand the individual developmental needs of each child.


Grow: Our Community

Our goal is to build a community and an environment that is as adult-friendly as it is child-friendly. We encourage friendships to form over coffee and conversation between adults and caregivers while their children play and express themselves in our safe, nurturing space. Our coffee lounge offers food and drink menus and facilities to bring convenience to mealtimes for the whole family.

We care about our community and love the people we meet along the way. We aim to expand our family and welcome new faces. That’s why we host fun and engaging events, workshops and gatherings for young and old alike, and open our space to be enjoyed for private parties and corporate events. Every event that we host is educational in its foundation and builds on teachable moments with our kids. 


Baumhaus is well established as one of the few places in Hong Kong, where young families are welcomed as a whole to spend quality time together. We believe that to build the citizens of tomorrow’s world, we must awaken in our children the love for arts, a strong desire for self-expression, and the heightened sense of family and community. 

We love Baumhaus! Such a rare space in HK! It’s a beautifully designed and peaceful space that both kids and parents enjoy. Love being able to get coffee while the little one plays. Also, the cheesy scones are a must have!
The teacher’s ability to connect with her students and bring out their inner creativity is unparalleled. She ensures that each child feels respected and valued in the class so that no matter how they express themselves musically, dramatically or creatively, they feel safe to take risks and gain confidence in themselves.
An amazing space with fun and laughter abound... Wonderful package even included a special music class session as part of our 3 year old’s [birthday] party, making it loads of fun for the little ones, while the parents can hang out with great coffee in
the lounge area. Little guy loved it and the people there were just so polite and cheerful throughout the day, it made the [birthday] party very memorable.