Why I Love Your Child

What do I love most about teaching? The children most definitely! There is something about working and teaching little ones and seeing them grow that gives you a unique kind of fulfilment and happiness. Once you see that what you do in class helps them learn and develop, teaching them and seeing them discover new things about themselves and their environment inspires you to keep doing what you are doing because you are making a difference, because in your own little way, you make an impact on someone's life.

Aside from this, what I love about teaching Kindermusik and DramaLab is it still allows the performer in me to perform and sing. Performing has always been my first love, and this is a great balance because I am able to sing everyday and do what I love the most. At the same time, I am able to explore another side of myself—teaching, which I have realised is something that I am also quite passionate about.

I think one of the best things I have discovered about me is my love for children. I always knew I was fond of kids, but being in this job and working with the children day in and day out has made me realise that I could in fact do this for the rest of my life! Interacting with the children and parents is very inspiring and it pushes me to do my best every single time I teach.

I learned that at the end of the day, all parents only want what is best for their children. So, it is of utmost importance that we start and end the journey with them—that we, as teachers, hold their hand through the classes, and explain to them, at best as we can, how their children are benefitting from what we are teaching, and how what we do in class helps their child grow.

Have I already mentioned that the children are amazing? They are so impressionable and it is important to truly understand how big a role you play in their development. Having this in mind, you will be responsible for the things you say and try to always give them a great time in class.

What keeps me going everyday is my love for what I do. I genuinely enjoy teaching and being with the children, and so during not-so-good-days, I remember the purpose of why I am here, and that is to be part of the children’s growth, and that alone inspires me through anything.

While I understand that these babies and young children may not remember me when they are older, knowing that at their most impressionable and vulnerable age, I was able to help them (through music at that!) grow and discover themselves and reach their full potential, is a thought that will keep inspiring me to do what I do, and give my best.

I only hope that the children I have taught be well adjusted and responsible citizens of the world; That they develop into smart young men and women who care about the society and who want to make a difference in this world. I know it is too early to impart these values to them right now, but knowing that I have the capacity to help their cognitive development, makes me feel that I was there from the very beginning. Even before anything else!

If I could be remembered for one thing as a Teacher, I would like to be remembered as the Teacher with a positive energy, who always made sure the class was not only fun but it also helped them learn and grow. I want to be remembered as the teacher who gave her all and who always taught with her heart.