Welcome to Baumhaus

Baumhaus embraces a holistic approach to creative arts learning for children 0–6 years old. From our internationally awarded baby & toddler classes, to our new Drama program, DramaLab for 4–6 year olds-- nestled in our beautiful playhouses and coffee lounges in Wan Chai and Harbour City-- Baumhaus has something for the whole family.

There is a growing demographic of young families in Hong Kong, but ironically, there are not enough spaces & services that cater quality creative arts education and family recreational options.

All too often, we hear:


I need a place where the parents can hang out, while our children can play in a safe distance. I want a place where my children can enjoy, but where I can also relax and meet other friends.


I want a facility where I know my child is creatively engaged and is learning top quality programs, both of which must have international standards and modern educational philosophy.

I want to be connected with a community of parents, especially young moms and dads like us. I also want to have access to courses that can help me in my journey as a parent.



We believe that by nurturing children’s artistic sensibilities, we instil in them an awareness of themselves and others, while encouraging creativity and individuality. We see the positive impact the creative arts have on children: building confidence, encouraging collaboration with the community and planting the seed for a lifelong love of the arts. Through our music and drama programs, Kindermusik by Baumhaus and DramaLab, we encourage independence and creative expression.