Meet the Teachers: Teacher Miro


Miro is a seasoned performer, having entertained audiences for more than 20 years as an actor, dancer, singer and voice talent. While his background is in the Behavioural Sciences, his passion is in the arts-- If he breaks out into a pirouette mid-class, or a vocal aria, because he is trained in ballet as well as choir singing!

When I sit down to teach I just feel like I am welcoming part of my family.”

What families are quick to notice is that Teacher Miro has the uncanny ability to mimic voices. As a professional actor, his voice is behind many cartoons and commercials dubbed in Asia, and for 10 years lent his voice to one of the beloved characters in the Hong Kong Disneyland Park. It was in the latter that he discovered his magic with families, as he interacted with children, and engaged even adults in stories of make-believe and fun.

After running his own Kindermusik program in Tung Chung for a year, Miro joined Baumhaus in late 2015. He has led a number of events for Baumhaus since, including Musical Parenting, The Grow Your Garden Project, Drama and Storytelling Workshops across Hong Kong. He truly believes in Baumhaus’ core beliefs; Build, Nurture and Grow our children. With Miro’s mirth and ability to connect with families, he brings out the developmental values of raising children in the arts.

Come experience Teacher Miro's Cuddle & Bounce Class at a Baumhaus Open Day!