Meet the Teachers: Teacher Crisel


As a trained professional singer and creative educator, Crisel began her artistic journey as a child musical theatre performer at age 10. She then moved on to family entertainment and educational media, having been involved in multi-awarded stage, TV, and production projects for various companies in Asia. Her work has included being part of the pioneer Giftedness Instruction for Talent Development program in St. Paul School in the Philippines.

Not forgetting her love for music, she moved to Hong Kong in 2008 to open HK Disneyland’s High School Musical Live. She stayed on to be a staple lead vocalist, most remembered as “Bebe” the reporter-turned princess in “The Golden Mickeys.”

Having been immersed in the arts, Crisel understands a child’s need to express her/himself creatively, and grow in a supportive and musically-stimulating environment. Her teaching philosophy is simple – If we allow children to feel their best and be their best, we’re empowering a new generation of creative, capable and artistic individuals!

Crisel has a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the Ateneo de Manila University, because building strong communities is just as important to her as nurturing creative children. She is also currently serving as Kindermusik International’s Area Developer in Hong Kong, and loves knowing that for every song she sings, a child grows in his love for music each day!

“For a child, music is life—from the rhythm that gets his feet walking, to the familiar melody of his mother tongue, to the very beat of a parent’s heart as a child lays on his father’s chest.

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