Visiting Baumhaus

Welcome to Baumhaus!

Have you visited Baumhaus in Wan Chai or Harbour City yet? Here's what you need to know!

Check in! Reception


Children must have a temperature check.

Store your shoes on the lower shelves and your bags on the upper shelves


Children and adults must use hand sanitiser.

Weekend Availability Please check with reception or our website:

Socks are required for all adults and children over 4!


Adverse Weather Baumhaus closes when a black rainstorm or typhoon signal number 8 or above is hoisted

Go Play! Playroom : ages 0–6

For children who attend classes at Baumhaus, the term fee includes weekday playroom access. For non-current students, the following rates apply:

Number of Children Per Family Playroom Rate
1 child HKD 100
+1 or more siblings HKD 60 per additional sibling
Current Student at Opposite Location HKD 60
Current Student Weekend & Public Holiday Rate HKD 60


We reserve the right to request for children older than 6 years to leave the playroom.


No eating or feeding in the playroom


Maximum number of children in the playroom is 20


No photos of other people’s children


Parents/caregivers must accept responsibility & supervision for their own child


No use of mobile phones

Playroom Cleaning Schedule

Item Timing
Treehouse daily
Soft and wooden toys 2x per day
Floors during quiet times
Entire Venue daily

If your child has placed a toy (hard or soft) in his/her mouth, we request that you hand it to reception for sanitising. 

Also, if you see any equipment or toy that you deem to be in need of additional sanitising/cleaning, please tell Reception.

Join a Class! Classroom


Sing along! Your voice will help your child learn!


No use of mobile phones in the classroom. It is distracting to the teacher and to the other students.


Listen to your teacher, they have been specially trained to guide you and your child


No photos in the classroom. It is distracting to the teacher and to the other students.

Ask questions after class is complete and give feedback


No eating or drinking in the classroom

Grab a Bite! Coffee Lounge


Clip on high chairs are available for your baby!


No outside food or drinks allowed in the coffee lounge


Baby food is okay if consumed by baby