Baumhaus SPEAK features Mandarin as it's first Language collaboration with Mini Mandarins

Mini Mandarins learning centre provides a total Mandarin immersion experience. It is particularly effective for those who need a boost of confidence in learning and using Mandarin. Our engaging lessons help children develop interest and enjoyment in spoken Mandarin. Imaginative play in our themed play area “mini metro” allows kids to practice their lessons in real-life environments. Together with songs, stories and games led by native Chinese speaking teachers, students quickly build up a functional Chinese vocabulary that they use immediately. 





MINI TOTS (1.5 years to 2.5 years)

Just right for our tiniest students, our Mini Tots playgroup class led by native Chinese speaking teachers introduces mandarin through storytelling, music, arts and crafts. Our imaginative play activities in our themed play area “mini metro” especially allows toddlers to practice their lessons in real-life environments that help build fine motor skills as well as their affinity for learning Mandarin. 小小漢語學習中心的親子幼兒暢遊課程由母語為普通話的老師教授,通過講故事,音樂,藝術和手工藝學習聆聽基本指令以及學習相處及分享。富有想像力的遊戲活動“小小城市”中,幼兒在真實環境中通過大肌動覺遊戲,小手肌訓練,培養他們的肢體動覺智,建立自信以及他們對學習普通話的興趣。

MINI FOUNDATIONS (2.5 years and up)

In early childhood, children have the remarkable ability to distinguish and reproduce the sounds from different languages. Mini Foundations capitalizes on this unique developmental time, providing a program of listening and conversation. Students quickly develop the ability of spoken Mandarin and sentence formation logic & skills, assisting them to form a solid creative writing foundation in the long run. 在孩童時期,孩子們具有區分和重複不同語言的聲音的非凡能力。小小漢語學習中心的會話基礎班利用這個獨特的發展時期,提供了一個聆聽和對話的課程。它會迅速培養學生們的普通話口語能力和句子形成的邏輯和技巧,為他們的創造性寫作打下堅實的基礎。