Introductory Class (Cantonese)

Introductory Class (Cantonese)


During this Introductory Class, Ms. Elsa, a IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor,  will lead the class to experience a regular Infant Massage session with an introduction on the IAIM philosophy, the Infant Massage Course structure and the massage strokes. She will also share "ways to bond with your child". 

This class is designed for parents but you are welcome to bring along your baby. (You may try the massage oil on your baby!)

If parent registers for the "Infant Massage Class for Parents" on the same date of the Introductory Class, the charge, $100, will be deducted from the package PLUS an additional bottle of Rose Hydrating Spray will be given as Welcome Gift.

IAIM 國際認可嬰兒按摩合格導師 Ms. Elsa,會在《體驗課》帶領家長們體驗正式課堂的流程,又會介紹IAIM的理念、課程結構及嬰兒按摩手法,亦會分享「與寶寶建立親密關係的秘訣」。


如家長在出席 《體驗課》當日報名參加 《親子嬰兒按摩班》,在付款時可扣除《體驗課》的收費($100),並可獲贈 「玫瑰保濕噴霧」30ml 一支,作為迎新禮品。

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