Mommy Monday Meet Up: July 31 at Baumhaus Harbour City

Mommy Monday Meet Up: July 31 at Baumhaus Harbour City


Sponsored by Thriveful

Summer is here! Grab your friend and your babe and meet us at Baumhaus for a day just for you. Invite your best friend for a playdate and talk at Baumhaus Harbour City!

Monday, July 31 at Baumhaus Harbour City

All you need is one ticket to share with you and your friend. Recommended for children 0–3 years old.

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You and your friend will enjoy:

  • A Kindermusik or DramaLab demo class with a Baumhaus teacher
  • A talk by Ai Lin Chun (Professional Storyteller) who will chat about effective reading techniques and conduct a storytelling session for the kids and parents 
  • Playroom access for the day
  • HKD 100 credit to share at the Coffee Lounge, courtesy of Café Sausalito

Meet Thriveful:

Thriveful exists to help you monitor and analyse the most important indicator of your baby’s early development – their language environment. It also gives you the right tips and ideas just when you need them – because no parent is born perfect.

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