Ages 4–6 years


Play, Improvise, Perform

We believe that the goal of theatre is to bring awareness and change to ourselves and the world.

DramaLab is a holistic creative arts program designed to develop and empower people by supporting their artistic growth. With a focus on inspiring love and joy for creative expression, it is especially beneficial for young children, who develop a passion for performing arts through storytelling, collaborative and interactive exercises.

Guided by professional performing arts teachers in a supportive and positive environment, DramaLab uses the concepts of play, improvise and perform to build real-life skills such as clear spoken communication, critical thinking, empathy and social awareness.

Play is all about introducing theatre and drama concepts to children in a creatively engaging way. It’s through play that we encourage children to learn core skills.

Improvise is a fun part of the process. Here, children can try out their creative concepts in a safe and supportive environment. There are no right or wrong ideas, just an opportunity for children to express themselves creatively.  

Perform is a process that varies from child to child. Performances can be for peers, for parents or as part of a community-related show. We respect the pace and preferences of each child and allow them to choose which performances they would like to take part in.