Parent Handbook:

Here is your 2017 Parent Handbook. If you’ve ever wondered about our term & conditions, playroom and toy cleaning procedures or make up classes, you’ll find it all here along with more useful information. You’re welcome!

Disclaimer: Please sign and submit

  • It is my responsibility to care for my child and my belongings while at Baumhaus. Baumhaus shall not be liable for any personal injury or property damage/loss. 

  • I am not permitted to take photos/videos during class, or to take any photos/videos of children other than my own.

  • I am responsible for the actions of any guardian who accompanies my child on my behalf.

  • Baumhaus reserves the right to use photos, videos and/or sound recordings of children for teacher training, curriculum development, and other internal purposes.

  • Baumhaus may take photos/videos during class so that we can capture the joy on your child’s face, which you may not be able see at the time. Such footage may be sent to class participants to share our passion for music and child development. On occasion, said items may be used for promotional purposes. Please tick the box below if you do not consent. An unchecked box indicates that you do give permission.

  • Baumhaus respects your privacy, and handles all customer data in accordance with Hong Kong laws and ordinances. From this date, 3rd January 2017, should you wish not to be included in any of our marketing initiatives, or those under “Baumhaus,” please inform us in writing.

  • Baumhaus reserves the right to make final decisions on all matters, and to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice (the most updated version of which shall be posted online and in studio premises).