playroom & coffee lounge


From solid foundations come infinite possibilities.

From our celebrated arts programs to our beautiful Baumhaus (birch-wood treehouse) and play space, we support children to form friendships and build positive communities. We foster a fertile ground for learning, exploring and developing creative and emotional intelligence in children so that they have the tools to pursue the future they desire.

Our welcoming play space is designed to meet children at their different levels of development, while family and friends can enjoy a coffee or tea and some tasty nibbles at our in-house coffee.


Beginning on April 3rd in Harbour City!* Come make new mom friends.  

*Cannot be combined with any other offers. Complimentary coffee not included. Excludes public holidays.

Our Playrooms

Harbour City

Now Open! : 10am–7pm

Wan Chai

Open Daily: 9am–6pm

The new Harbour City location is convenient and dynamic, making trips with the family easy to organise and enjoyable for everyone. Featuring a spacious, bright and light play environment, Baumhaus’ internationally-ranked classes and a brand new coffee lounge with a refreshed menu of savoury and sweet nibbles – the new Baumhaus is an inviting and inclusive community space for families and caregivers. “We're looking forward to meeting new families and welcoming others from our community to this new Harbour City location,” says Carsten Rakutt, “Whether you’re looking for somewhere family-friendly to have a coffee break during your weekend shopping trips, or would like to join our community and classes during the week, Baumhaus Kowloon is a welcoming place for young and old alike.”

Baumhaus Wan Chai is our flagship location! Through the creative arts, we educate, uplift and inspire children of today to be mindful and creative citizens for tomorrow. We believe in the importance of providing a positive space to learn, share, collaborate and grow. Whether exploring our play space, engaging in one of our programs, enjoying a relaxed break in our coffee lounge or simply connecting with others, we aim to bring families together and equip children with the emotional and creative intelligence they need to live a happy and vibrant life in an international community.


Our Baumhaus

We may not have the space for treehouses in Hong Kong, but our Baumhaus helps to capture the spirit of this beloved concept.

Crafted and custom-made in Germany from quality birch wood, the Baumhaus represents safety, family and imagination. Every child interacts with our treehouse in their own unique way. It helps to mark their milestones – from toddlers who take their first steps up the stairs to preschoolers who play imaginative games with friends. This is why we’ve chosen to place this beautiful birch treehouse at the center of our community and our space: to bring children together, grow confidence and nurture creativity.

Designed and crafted in Germany by Kameleon, the Baumhaus is made from quality solid birch wood and built according to EU safety standards. The unique design is based on studies in child development and features varying levels of physical challenge as well as motor-skills stimulation for children of different ages. This special structure has become the foundation of physical and emotional stimuli in our community, as well as a source of never-ending fun and imagination.

Our Coffee Lounges

We know how important it is for a child to have their support system and tribe around them as they explore and learn. Our coffee lounge is a space for adults and caregivers to enjoy, while their children play and express themselves in our safe, nurturing space. We want friendships to form over coffee and conversation. Our goal is to build a community and a play space that is just as adult-friendly as it is child-friendly.  

Our coffee-lounge area hosts talks, seminars on parenting and caregiving, children’s activities and pop-up events for the community. The space is also available for private parties and corporate events.