Speech and Language Development

Speech and Language Development


In order for speech and language to develop, parents must allow their children to experience moments from which the child builds up her speech capacity according to her development plan. Because language development is part of the child's overall development, it means all kinds of environmental experiences (movement, emotions,  interpersonal  communication and problem solving) come together. For supporting the development of your child, language is best learned in a positive, happy atmosphere and in conjunction with child-friendly play.

Learn and develop ideas on how to support your child’s language while we put this into practice! All parents are asked to bring their baby’s favourite toy. We will experience the most effective ways and will provide tips that can help parents support their child's language development. Bring your baby along as you will experience the world from the perspective of a child.

This class is for babies up to 1.5 years. Each child may be accompanied by at the most, 2 adults (maximum 8 children, 16 adults per class). It is a 45 minute workshop with 15 minutes allotted to personal questions from clients regarding speech and language development. 

Please do not forget to bring a toy for your baby! This will be used during the workshop.

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