Respectful Approach to Infant Care (Tea Time Included)

Respectful Approach to Infant Care (Tea Time Included)


Inspired by RIE and the teachings of Magda Gerber, this introductory workshop discusses the basic values of a respectful approach to caregiving, applied to children 0-12 months.

In this 45 minute session + tea time, learn about the following areas: 

* What is a respectful approach for infants?

* The value of quiet observation

* Cooperative Caregiving routines - an overview on caregiving, according to a RIE-inspired approach: bathing, feeding, dressing, diapering

* Infant Interactions and Play

This activity is geared for parents and caregivers of infants 0-12 months, or expecting parents. Please note that it is not necessary for the child to join, though they are welcome in the room.

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